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What is Standard SCUBA Equipment?

Recreational divers diving less than 30 meters must have a minimum of:

  1. A Buoyancy Compensator, which is an inflatable jacket that cradles the air cylinder, allowing the diver to adjust his or her buoyancy.
  2. A regulator, which is the bit from which the diver breathes. The regulator connects to the air cylinder, reducing the air pressure to a pressure you can safely breathe.
  3. A weight belt to compensate for the buoyancy created by the diver's suit.
  4. Mask, fins, and a snorkel to aid in swimming.
  5. An air cylinder, which houses the diver's life-sustaining air.

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What is skin-diving?

Skin-diving is an antiquated term for snorkeling.

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What is the minimum age for SCUBA diving?

10 years old.

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Are there other things I should be aware of?

Thrillations's congenial Customer Service Representatives will be glad to answer all your questions and make certain you are well informed about your upcoming, exciting SCUBA adventure.

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