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Scuba Diving at Sharks Cove is something I will never forget. I didn’t see any sharks thankfully, but the fish swimming in and around the coral reef was almost surreal. There were so many varieties of fish I couldn’t keep count. The location is the best for scuba since it’s a cove that leads to the open ocean where the marine life is so abundant that you’re bound to see a green sea turtles and perhaps a harmless reef shark every now and then. Thanks for the guidance, it was the perfect scuba dive.

Matt Klofpenson
Long Island, NY

Today I went Scuba Diving for my first time. It was so amazing, that I know I will have to go again. I never knew there where that many different kinds of fish in the sea. All the different colors, shapes and sizes shocked me. The view of the coral swaying back and forth with fish swimming in and out of it was remarkable. It was definitely something I suggest do once in your life.

Laura Skinner
Tucson, AZ

I found out about this aquarium that you can go scuba diving with sharks at, so Julie and I made the 2 and half hour drive there. We got there and the instructor went over all the rules and regulations with us and then suited us up. My heart was racing so fast I had just jumped into a pool full of sharks swimming all around me. Knowing that their teeth could rip me in half, was the reason my heart was pounding out of my chest. It was one of the most terrifying thing I have done but at the same time one of the coolest.

Rich Patterson
Cleveland, OH

I jumped off the sailboat and into the water wearing my snorkeling gear! It was great. I was instantly submerged into the waterworld of fish and a colorful, living coral reef. A school of pinfish totally surrounded me. What an amazing underwater adventure!

Nick Price
Buffalo, NY

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